Customer Service

WA Cabs is a company that loves customer satisfaction, with that in mind; we would love to hear from you. Simply call us on our comment line or post comments after your trip from our app.

Make A Booking:

With our convenient passenger application you can make a booking for your nearest Taxi in 3 simple steps:
1) Run / Open WA Cabs app
2) Sign in and find you location and your closest Taxi.
3) Put destination location and just book/hire by making the payment.

Special Features:

Track Your Taxi: With Google Maps you can even track the taxi distance and where it’s going.

Personalise Your Experience:Book a taxi through our apps and choose your taxi by yourself.

Traditional Booking: If you prefer the traditional method of booking, simply call our professional taxi booking service and we guarantee that your call will be answered within 30 seconds!

Fare Locking: Fare Locking is a revolutionary new method created by WA Cabs. This fare charging is only available with the application. When you book via the application you will be given an estimated fare charge. Under the estimated price you’ll find an option to lock fare, if you select this option it will lock your fare at the estimated price so you can be sure you’re not paying extra when you ride the taxi.

Guaranteed, cheaper & on time, if you pre-pay: If you pre – pay the taxi fare, your ride is guaranteed & cheaper, also we will pick you up on booking time.

Refund/Returns policy: You agree that while using the WA Cabs’ service if you change your mind, change your destination, stop somewhere or pick up someone or something on your way, then the driver has the right to stop the job and charge from that point along the route. You are liable to pay to the driver any extra fare on top of the original amount paid or, if there is an unused fare, the unused fare is claimable via our website within six months.We will transfer money to your nominated BSB and Account number.

Gift Cards: You get a chance to win a gift card at the end of each year. Simply be the highest booking customer and win the gift card!!

Lost Property: If you think you have lost any item during the ride, you can call our lost property hotline or access the service from our app and we will get back to you with an answer.

Postal Address: Customer Inquiries: If you have an inquiry that we have not addressed, then you can call our hotline on 1300 922 227

Customer Review:Please review our guaranteed service : Click here.

Customer Complaints: Although we try our best, we know we might have missed something. To compensate, we want to hear from you and see how we can improve our service. We will carefully listen to your complaint and try to resolve it. Also note that we dont take any complain over the phone or text messege all complaint must be submitted by using our website. Please submit your complaint here